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An Awesome Lashup In Frankfort - 01/14/2006

While at work, I received a phone call from a former branch manager who knows how much I like trains, the full size ones of course. He was downtown Frankfort on business and saw something he thought I might be interested in. He starts teasing me about some colorful old engines sitting in downtown Frankfort. To begin with I thought he really was teasing, but the more he talked, the more it seemed possible. Knowing RJ Corman runs a lot of older classic EMD power through here, I didn't think too much of it, even if there were really old engines downtown, until he said, "My Old KY Home Dinner Train" and two engines painted in the colors of UofK and UofL with mascots. Its a very good thing my new branch manager has a sense of humor and pretty laid back, because I was going anyway. I drove through Frankfort to confirm what I thought was there, was really there, and made a very quick round trip to Lawrenceburg to get my camera gear and radio. I high tailed it back to Frankfort, knowing I was going to be running very tight for another appointment later that day in Louisville. I got back and the engines and passenger cars were still sitting where they were before, so I parked and started roaming looking for camera angles and hoping they would actually crank the engines and move something into the clear sunlight. The more I walked and looked, the more discouraged I became. These four unique engines, sitting partially in shape and partially in direct sunlight, a photographer's nightmare. I took static pictures up and down both sides of the engines, doing everything I have been taught NOT to do with photography. Shoot badly shadowed with bright sunlight objects, then shooting into the sun for what I knew would be badly back lit pictures, but this lashup is pretty rare, and worthy of any kind of picture you can get. The following are some of the best I was able to come out with in the shadows and back lit conditions.

PAL 1998--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 RJC 1941--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 RJC 1941--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 RJC 1941--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 RJC 1940--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 PAL 3801--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 PAL 1998--RJC 1998--01/14/2006

After getting these pictures, I started walking toward the business cars to see if I could figure out what was going on with all this vintage equipment in town. As normal, the information from the railroad personal was on a need know basis, and a railfan didn't need to know. I can respect that, I just don't like it. I knew the engines were not running and was afraid I would have to leave before they cracked and moved the cars around. Just before I was about to walk away, a Corman vehicle shows up, and an engineer gets out, opens up the UofK engine and cranks it. I stay around a little bit, and hear rumors (it sure is good to have a radio and know the frequencies) that they might leave everything where it is sitting. I walk down to the car, and actually put the camera away, when I hear them start to give instructions to block the road and telling 1998 he was clear to start backing up. I grab the camera again and sprint down the street. I get to the business cars just before the engines do and snag a couple of pictures of them coupling, but they didn't turn out too good. I hear them brake check and tell the engineer to pull forward about 5 cars, so they can throw the switch. With only one switch in the area, I know where they are going, so I head down to the only sunny spot on the railroad in downtown Frankfort and look at my watch. I just hoped they hurried, I should have already been on the road, and it is approaching time for most all state workers to get off work. As they back the consist into the old F&C Lead, I get one picture of each car. The shot area is very tight and I miss timed a few cars, but at least I got a few pictures of some rare and vintage rolling stock. Below is a picture of each car and engine in the consist, plus one picture looking into the nose of the lead engine, you can see the P&L cars to the right of the engine in the distance. Notice the CLOSE CLEARANCE sign to the right of the lead engine, it is close.

PAL 1998--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 PAL 1998--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 PAL 3801--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 RJC 1940--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 RJC 1941--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 RJC 077--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 RJC 777--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 PAL BS I--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 PAL BS I--RJC 1998--01/14/2006 PAL 10--RJC 1998--01/14/2006

I hope you enjoy the pictures and at least tolerate the narrative.